SXLV Variable Liquid Level Sensor

Industrial pneumatic type liquid level sensor for measuring and controlling water depth in tanks.
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Liquid Level | Continuous Sensing

Continuous Liquid Level Sensing
Simple Installation, Just Supply PVC Pipe
Precision Digital Control, MODBUS Addressable
Made in USA


Monitor and control liquid level in water tanks, reserviors, bucket systems, ebb & flow trays, stock tanks and more with GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control Systems or via MODBUS RTU for custom applications.

SXLV sensors are simple and reliable with only a 1" PVC pipe in contact with the water solution. The SXLV sensor is mounted atop the PVC pipe and monitors the pressure in the pipe as the water level rises or falls. The sensor converts this pressure reading into an accurate water height measurement.

Indicator LED's display GREEN when water level is above the bottom of the tube and YELLOW when the water level is below the bottom of the tube. Measures water depth from end of tube.

SXLV sensor includes a threaded socket-weld fitting for 1" PVC.
Available with PVC Mounting flange. PVC pipe not included.

NEW PRODUCT! Shipping end of October 2022.


Simply glue the threaded fitting to the end of a standard 1" PVC pipe using PVC primer and cement, then screw on the sensor head. Connect the sensor to the control system and fill the tank with water. When the tank is at full capacity, calibrate the depth reading of the sensor.

Mounting flange kit is available for bolting to the top of a tank.


Standard depth model SXLV-10: Maximum water depth 10ft (3m.)
Extended depth model SXLV-30 Maximum water depth 30ft (10m.)


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MODBUS RS-422/485


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