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Remote Control


GrowControl™ GCX and BDX BatchMATIC™ systems feature a 'remote-desktop' capability allowing them to be remotely monitored and controlled as if you were at the touch screen. Simply install a free VNC viewer on your phone, tablet, MAC or PC and configure the connection details.

There is no account necessary and the viewer is free (do not sign up for an acocunt, click use the software without an account.)

download RealVNC® Viewer

Alternate Free VNC Viewers
Ultra VNC (Windows, Linux) | TightVNC Viewer | Tiger VNC Viewer

Free Phone Apps
Real VNC | Mocha VNC

Link Modules

download AgrowLINK™ Firmware Update Utility
Update any of Agrowtek's intelligent devices with a GrowNET port when new firmware becomes available. EXE Installer.

LX1 USB AgrowLINK Manual
download ModLINK™ LX2 MODBUS Configuration Utility Portable EXE (no installer)

Setup the LX2 ModLINK™ and configure addresses of slave devices with this convenient utility (requires a LX1 USB AgrowLINK.)


download GrowControlTM DataMaster

DataMaster is free pc software that instantly turns any Agrowtek sensor into a precision data logging system with the use of the LX1 USB AgrowLINK.

  • Save data logs to CSV files
  • Open saved data logs and re-plot
  • Save images of plots
  • Perform sensor calibration
  • More!

Dosing Pumps

download AgrowDoseTM BatchMaster

For ADi digital intelligent dosing pumps only.
Easily dispense precise batches of chemicals using this free software application. Connect Agrowtek's ADi dosing pumps to the software with a LX1 USB AgrowLINK.


download AgrowLINK™ USB Driver

USB Driver for LX1 USB AgrowLINK.

GrowControl™ Suite (Obsolete)



GrowControlTM for GC-Pro/XL Controllers

Remotely monitor, data log and control your GC-Pro/XL control system with this powerful, free software suite.

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