Growcontrol™ Series Cultivation Control Systems
Multi-Zone Climate & Nutrient Dosing Control Systems Made in U.S.A.
BDX BatchMatic Fertigation System
Mix and deliver nutrient batches to up to 14 zones.
AgrowDose™ pH, EC & ORP Dosing Systems
Automate your nutrient and pH dosing.
GrowControl™ MX Motor Controllers
Reversing motor controls and for greenhouse vents, curtains and more.
Liquid Level Sensors
Discrete and continuous sensors for liquid level monitoring and control.
MODBUS Communication Protocol Supported
GrowNET™ intelligent sensors, relays and dosing pumps connect to PLC's
Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.
We manufacture our electronics in-house for the highest quality & lowest cost.

What's New

Crop Steering Guide


FREE application note on the popular crop steering irrigation technique with GCX control systems.

  • Crop Steering Theory
  • Equipment for Irrigation
  • Creating & Scheduling Recipes
  • Common Problems

TEROS12 Interface


Real-time logging of Teros12 sensors with irrigation management control.

  • Monitor and log data in real time
  • Up to eight (8) sensors per interface
  • Crop steering irrigation management
  • No montly fees

G Panel Enclosures


Pre-fabricated control panel enclosures by Agrowtek simplify setup and provide a professional appearance.

  • Weather-Proof Enclosure
  • Standard Configurations
  • Pre-Wired for Power & Comms

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