USB Link for GrowNET devices for PC software & firmware updates.
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Data Logging | Free PC Software | Firmware Updates

Connect GrowNET™ devices to PC via USB
Isolated Control Lines
Rugged ABS Enclosure
Data LED Indicator
Free PC Software
Made in USA


LX1 USB AgrowLINK™ connects Agrowtek's intelligent GrowNET™ sensors, relays or dosing pumps directly to a computer.

Free PC software displays real-time sensor readings, downloads and configures data logging history from the sensor, allows on-board calibration, basic email alerts and more!

Connects to any Agrowtek device with a GrowNET™ port. Use the simple update software to upgrade device firmware in seconds when new features are added!

Communicate directly to GrowNET™ intelligent devices using MODBUS RTU or the expanded GrowNET™ command set for custom software and control system solutions.


Firmware Updates

Update any Agrowtek intelligent sensor, relay or dosing pump with a GrowNET™ port using the free AgrowLINK software utility.

USB Data Logging

LX1 USB AgrowLink™ connects the GrowNET™ port of any Agrowtek sensor to a PC for datalog download to .csv, graphing, calibration, configuration, updates, and more using free PC software.

HX8 Expansion Hubs

HX8 GrowNET™ hubs connect multiple sensors and devices to a single LX1 USB Link for data logging applications or custom control applications using MODBUS or the GrowNET™ protocol. Power can be provided to devices from the hub's DC power jack allowing for single cable connections to most devices.

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